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ACU1000 Controller Update

Sep 15, 2016

Dear Valued Customer,
This serves as a formal notification that ACU1000 controllers shipped from today will be programmed with firmware version All prior versions starting with number 1.0.x.x, as well as version 2.0.0.x,  will no longer be available. Please ensure that customers’ IBSS2000 versions are upgraded to IBSS2000 v.5004, before installing ACU1000 with firmware version
For sites using custom firmware, any new controller order cannot be fulfilled until firmware customization is completed. There will be time and cost implication for firmware customization. Please contact for quote to customize the firmware.
For controllers under RMA, ACU1000 controllers shipped in 2016 and still within warranty will be serviced according to the original programmed firmware versions. All ACU1000 controllers that are ‘out of warranty’ or  beyond repair must be replaced with controllers with the most current (latest) firmware.

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